Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Did you know that a Real Calendar is Still Important to People in their Daily Lives?

In a recent study* Calendar Advertising Council, respondents were asked how important calendars are in their daily lives. Results found 8 out of 10 people said calendars were extremely important, very important, or important.  Even with prevalent usage of technology in daily lives, people still like to use printed advertising calendars.  

In fact, 70% of those surveyed have a printed calendar in their home.  People may use the calendars on their phones or computers but it is usually in conjunction with a business calendar.  People find wall or desk calendars are much quicker and simpler to refer to.

Most people surveyed were likely to use wall calendars because of the space available for notes, such as events, appointments, medication schedules, and phone numbers.  Other top used calendars are desk calendars, day planners, magnetic calendars, and pocket calendars.

Calendars leave a favorable impression and have high recall statistics.  Based on respondents reporting receiving one advertising calendar:

74% could remember the name of the company advertised
72% remember product or serviced being advertised
70% plan to do business with the company again
41% have referred a friend to the company that gave the calendar
Only 6% of respondents said they would not keep a free business calendar. 

Calendars feature one of the best values as a marketing vehicle.  Most people look at their calendars 3-5 times a day but even if your customer glances at it at least once a day, the cost per impression over 1 year is less than a penny per day (Assuming the calendar cost $3).
Study conducted by the Calendar Advertising Council and Promotional Products Association International in fall 2010.