Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trade Show Planning & Execution are Essential for Success

Buzz Builders
When exhibiting at a trade show you’ll want to use imprinted products that will attract people to the trade show in the first place, to your booth while there, and more importantly, to your company after it’s all said and done. Consider your booth personnel; it’s a good idea to provide them with matching, imprinted shirts. Pick a bright color, so they stand out among the crowd of exhibitors. Pre-show, get your hands on a list of attendees and send lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches and tote bags to your top 500 prospects from that.

Education Sessions
Along with the pre-show goodies, provide some of the items people will need for education sessions. Bottled water allows attendees to keep hydrated on the go, while a folder, penor highlighters are items they are sure to use. USB flash-drives show prospects your company is far from ordinary.

In-Booth Traffic Builder
During the show, grab attendees’ attention. Mints will attract their eye. Then, after you have introduced yourself and the company, offer items such as a letter slitter, stationary pail, or key-chain as an additional gift for stopping by. Draw attention to your booth with a custom pop up or table display.

After-Show Follow-up
In addition, after the show, a simple paperweight is functional and appreciated and will really reflect positively on your company.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Promotional Folders are Great Distribution Tool

When you have printed information to transport and share with various audiences, promotional folders serve more than an operational purpose—they become mobile branding tools. That’s exactly what our client, Gary Cox, of Kemp Broadcasting likes about the Eco-Friendly Promotional folders we designed, produced and delivered to his Las Vegas event.

As General Manager for KVEG, KMZQ and KVGQ and a medium size billboard company, in the Las Vegas Valley, he needed to get a package of advertising materials to potential partners—and he needed to do it efficiently.

Kemp Broadcasting used large custom document folders to distribute this important information to stakeholders. They are printed in full color and can be customized based on your requirements.

“We needed a way to effectively communicate the various initiatives that we are involved in throughout the year,” he says. “The folder was an opportunity to present the material in a neat and attractive way. 

Custom folders were the perfect way for Cox and his people to organize tiered layers of information about Kemps capabilities for personal customer calls. It was also was an attractive package that were sent to Ad Agencies and PR Firms for distribution to National Advertisers.

As a longtime Kennedy Advertising client, Cox has been impressed with our customer service, product quality and delivery times. “We will continue to enjoy Kennedy Advertisings Outstanding Customer Service for our future promotional needs,” he says.

KennedyPromo Tip: Tuck a thin, lightweight promotional item such as a magnet, bookmark or pen inside your custom folder to extend your message