Thursday, November 1, 2012

Want to Relieve Some Holiday Stress? A few Ideas to Share!

Happy November! The Holiday Season is a great time to celebrate with friends and family and It can also be stressful. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a curmudgeon.... As I near 60 years old, there is nothing better than having the kids home for the Holidays..... But!!

Let's See! We have an important election next week. If I'm not mistaken, Thanksgiving is a week earlier this year. (3 weeks from today) Besides the family stuff, customers can become easily distracted and if this economy has you grinding to capture new sales, the Holidays do not make it any easier when clients are off of work.

So my goal today is to share some links that will help all of us get through get through the next 8 weeks.

1. This post is written for the entrepreneur, but it can apply to all kinds of people in the workforce. It's an article written by Yanik Silver entitled "The Secret to Getting It All Done at Work and Still Having a Personal Life"

2. Here are a few iPhone/iPad apps to help you relax. (I guess non-Apple Users don't have stress.) This article, written by Cynthia Boris, is entitled 
 "Stressed Out? Relax With These 5 Free Apps" 

3. If one of your stresses is worrying about what and how much you are going to eat during the Holidays, Mary and I have discovered that if you prepare recipes from Weightwatcher's website, you are eating healthier and you don't have to be a member to get them. 

4. Now! Like a lot of guys, I don't really like to go to malls and shop. Part of Mary's ritual is to shop for the Holidays so I go along and when she tells me what she thinks we should purchase, I let my thumbs do the shopping. Sites like, and others, offer free shipping so why should we drag bags around when UPS will deliver to our door. To get you started in the shopping paradigm shift, check out "Holiday Apps: 11 Smart Phone Tools For A Sane Season"

5. I have saved the "Best for Last"! If you really want to reduce your stress level for the Holidays, allow me to help with your client year-end gift giving this year. I have over 350,000 Items that I can Imprint, Embroider, Emboss and De-boss with your company message and logo. To share a few ideas, I have inserted 3 digital catalog links below for you to browse through. If you find something you would "LIKE" to buy for clients, I will provide FREE shipping (Like Overstock) to a single destination, for you to distribute, or if you have a list of clients that you would "LIKE" me to ship to, on your behalf, I can't pay for the shipping, but I will give you 20% OFF of the cost of your items if your order before November 20, 2012.

These three digital catalogs offer many different products for you to choose from at multiple price points in order to accommodate any budget. If you need to go lower, call me!

2012 Holiday Gifts Flashlights & Maglite

2012 Holiday Gifts Canyon Outback Leather

2012 Holiday Gifts Corporate Gifts

That's it for this week! If there is anything that I can help you with, please contact me through LinkedIn or feel free to access my web-links through my blog at 

Be Safe and have a GREAT HOLIDAY!

Best Regards,

John Kennedy
Kennedy Promos
Las Vegas, NV.