Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Are we Facing the New Reality In Advertising?

I don't have to tell you that we are in rather disruptive time in the Advertising Industry.

As we witnessed a significant percentage one way print advertising migrate to a digital format, we hardly have time to catch our breath as we now face the growing mobile digital era. On top of it, our clients are changing the rules of engagement.

Traditional (One Way) Print and Broadcast Advertisers have been slowly moving towards an interactive relationship with customers through the Social Networks, websites and email. Every time I order something online, I'm asked to take a short survey that usually takes 20 minutes. If I don't participate, they have learned something about me and if I do, they learn even more!

I was at the nations 13th largest newspaper for 23 years up until 1995. Zip Code Targeting to Total Market Coverage were all the rage back then. Wal-Mart, Target and Sears were demanding it and Direct Mailers were beginning to eat away newspaper ad revenues, with Marriage Mail Programs at what many of us considered to be an alarming rate.

So finally newspapers, (dragged kicking and screaming), were forced to redefine their relationship with advertisers. Some have done well and some haven't. The newspaper I left in 1995 had just about 2500 employees. Today! I have been told, by an unnamed source, they are around 1000. I don't know if that's good or bad and I'm not judging... I think it's just the new reality.

So now the question is: Will Ad Agencies and Public Relations firms reinvent relationships with clients? Will they have to provide better ideas and increase the arrows in their quiver to keep clients on board? If you haven't started, you need to or you will lose the business to someone who will. From what I hear, there are many that are already on their way.

You know that at some point, the question will come: How much has to be done in house vs outsourcing to make a respectable profit? That depends on how much control you want to maintain.

One change we have made is that our interactive technology has allowed Kennedy Advertising to form strong interactive relationships with Preferred Service Providers Across the country rather than just in Las Vegas NV and Minneapolis/St. Paul MN.
Today we can design a catalog, product sample or an imprinted promotional item in Las Vegas, print it in Boston for an East coast Mailing and save Distribution Costs. Or we can launch a product fulfillment operation within days of an idea because we have the technology, distribution channel and the relationships built to handle lots of volume in a short period of time. None of what I listed above is really new! Some of you have probably created some of these ideas.

Now! What if you had a single (blind to the public) business partner that worked behind your brand to implement your ideas for you? That's an interesting question that needs more discussion. If I can help you think it through, let me know.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nivea’s Custom Cell Phone Chargers Promote Fun In The Sun by the Pool or in the Ocean

For all the beachgoers who hate to pack up when their phone batteries die out, Nivea has a solution: custom cell phone chargers.

The global skin- and body-care brand has unveiled a smart promotion for its line of sun products: solar chargers built right into its ad in the Brazilian Magazine, Veja Rio.

The idea is that you can stay on the beach for longer – all day if you want. Nivea’s products keep you safe in the sun, and the promotional cell phone chargers let you use your phone freely. You can listen to music, make calls, check your social accounts and play games, and then reach for Nivea’s solar-powered promo to charge your phone back up.

The sunscreen ad includes an ultra-thin solar panel and phone plug. It’s made from a solar material that captures the sun’s rays and converts it into energy. Users plug their phone in via the port and voila: They can get a charge while relaxing in the sand.

Finally, there’s a print ad we like. People don’t just flip past it – it provides something tangible and immediately useful. The ads become keepsakes. People can easily pack them in a beach bag and use them again and again.

We love seeing brands create something relevant for customers, and with Brazil’s deep roots in beach culture, this promotion is perfect.

See for yourself:

KennedyPromos Product Tip:

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