Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Criteria for Selecting Custom Trade Show Giveaways

If you’re heading to a trade show, you need custom trade show giveaways. They’re a tangible, cost-effective way to get your name in front of your audience—the majority of which are decision makers.
More than 80% of tradeshow attendees have the authority to influence buying decisions, and more than 50% buy something as a result of attending the show, according to a study from Exhibit Surveys.
Naturally, promotional trade show giveaways are a must. They boost your company’s sales and shorten the sales cycle. You can’t afford not to use them. Your competitors certainly will be using them to woo customers and prospects. That’s just the nature of trade shows.
You don’t have to blend in with all the other booths, though. You can stand out and make your company memorable with promotional items.
Follow these three criteria when choosing trade show giveaways, and set your company apart at your next event:
1. Choose giveaways that make sense for your brand.   
There are thousands and thousands of promotional products on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re all a great fit for your brand. To maximize the effectiveness of your trade show giveaways, always opt for products that tie in with your brand. People need to make an immediate connection with your company and the giveaway you’ve just placed in their hands. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, logo hand sanitizer makes more sense than a custom lighter. If you’re in the food business, a promotional cooler bag is a better choice than a custom dog leash. Keep your promo items relevant to your brand.
People flock to promotional items that are attractive, trendy and visually appealing. If they’ve never seen it before and it looks interesting, they’ll want to check it out. Plus, it shines a positive light on your brand when your logo is imprinted on high-quality, well-designed promotional products. Select trade show giveaways that have a natural appeal to your audience, and you’ll create a buzz around your booth.
3. Opt for promo items with a purpose.
Novelty products are fun, but if you want your logo to stick around for the long haul, your trade show giveaways should serve a real purpose for your audience. If attendees see a value in your giveaway, they’ll hold onto it. If not, it will likely end up in the trash; people can only schlep so much stuff at a tradeshow. Make sure your giveaways are useful and fill a universal need, such as custom bags or logo drinkware. Everyone has a need for these items, which makes them more likely to be used.
KennedyPromos Tradeshow Tip:
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Top Five Reasons To Give Corporate Holiday Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching,’tis the season
to think about corporate holiday gifts. They’re one of the most effective ways to polish your company’s image and earn your customers’ loyalty going into the New Year.
Plus, your clients, associates and business partners are likely expecting at least a little something from you. If they’ve worked with you all year, the gesture of a business holiday gift shows you value the relationship—you’re not just in it for your benefit.
When you give corporate holidaygifts, you …

1. Make your business stand out.
Think your customers won’t take note if you send them a luxurious embroidered blanket or a ribbon-tied box of gourmet brownies? Oh, they’ll notice. And what’s great about business holiday gifts is that it doesn’t matter what the gift is, as long as it’s thoughtfully selected. Whether you give something sparkly or sumptuous, exciting or elegant, your customers won’t forget it.
2. Highlight your company’s core values.
What’s at the heart of your company: ingenuity, tradition, forward-thinking, a commitment to quality? Your corporate holiday gifts can express these values in a tangible way. When you give your clients a meaningful, carefully selected gift, it leaves a lasting impression on them and speaks volumes about your business.
3. Show your appreciation.
Business holiday gifts aren’t about blasting your brand to recipients—they’re about expressing your gratitude for their business. Your company wouldn’t exist without your customers, so say thanks with personalized gifts. Consider your audience and give them something they’ll be genuinely happy to receive.
4. Strengthen your brand.
Business holiday gifts are a win-win: you’re gifting something special to your audience, and you’re getting your name out there, too. Just keep it subtle with your branding so your gift doesn’t seem insincere. Try using a tone-on-tone imprint or color scheme that coordinates with your logo for more understated branding.
5. Solidify your business relationships.
Start the New Year off on the right foot with your valued customers by giving them well-chosen corporate holidaygifts. It shows that their business is important to you and that you’re committed to working with them in the coming year. The key is to choose something special—you don’t want to select promotional items you normally give. This is the time of year to wow them.
The holidays can be a magical time of year for your marketing and your brand when you give corporate holiday gifts. Whether you aim to impress or you simply want to send season’s greetings, your audience will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll be establishing an emotional bond that will last long into the New Year.

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KennedyPromo Idea tip:
Make your holiday gift budget go further by segmenting your audience into groups and sending gifts based on the level of the business relationship.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Custom Calendars Give Your Business Exposure for a Full Year

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a marketing tool that gives your company maximum visibility, day in and day out? And what if you only had to think about that marketing tool once a year? It would be like hitting the marketing jackpot—and you can do it with custom calendars.

Custom calendars keep your company name top of mind 365 days a year. When your customers receive a promotional calendar, studies show they look at it 1-10 times a day. This means multiple exposures to your brand—every day, all year long.

Plus, even in a digital age, your customers still want printed calendars. Sure, they may have smartphones, but research shows that 50% of them haven’t ever used the calendar function on their phones. Instead, they’re turning their attention to printed calendars.

Promotional calendars have long been one of the top five most commonly purchased business gifts for three main reasons:
  1. They’re practical. Your customers refer to custom calendars every day at home and at work. In fact, the average person keeps three calendars at home and two in the workplace. They’re useful and appreciated, no matter the style you select.
  2. They offer can’t-be-beat exposure. Custom calendars offer 365 of advertising. You simply don’t get this kind of exposure with other forms of advertising such as e-mails or newspaper ads. Plus, consider where your customers place their promotional calendar. It likely ends up in a high-traffic, easily seen location in a home or office, boosting the probability that your logo gets seen regularly every day.
  3. They’re affordable. Custom calendars can pack a punch even if you have a slim marketing budget. For example, many of our calendars are well under a buck a piece. When you consider that your company name and logo are visible 365 days a year, you end up paying pennies a day—or less—for high-impact exposure.
Want to know how to give your customers promotional calendars or uses for promotional calendars?
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KennedyPromo tip: Be first! Typically, the first calendar on the desk or wall stays put all year, so get a calendar in your customers’ hands before everyone else does. Now’s the time to start your custom calendar shopping.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Looking for Some New Ideas to Help "Promote Your Business with Promotional Products???"

In keeping up with the Best Available Technology in the Industry, We are pleased to share our Kennedy New Zoom Catalogs to give you some Ideas for your next great company or product promotion. If I can be of anymore help, feel FREE to contact us at Anytime. In the meantime, click on the catalog covers below to access  our up to date Collection of Product Ideas.

We have compiled the most popular list of summer Promotional Products and Published them in our Events and Outings Catalog. Custom giveaways like these are fun to hand out during the summer as part of a marketing campaign or to use as a Corporate Gift. With heat waves affecting millions of people across the country this summer, some of these products are really nice giveaways to help your customers stay cool. Click on the catalog cover to the left to see some of these Great Summer Ideas.

Even with the best selection of Promotional Products, the most helpful staff, and an award-winning web site, we wouldn’t be where we are today if we couldn’t deliver the best prices on all of our promotional items. We understand that at the end of the day, our customers want to complete their projects at the lowest cost possible. That’s why securing the best pricing and offering monthly discounts and sales is always high on our to-do list! Click on the catalog cover to the right to see our Selection of Our Best Promotional Products at the lowest Prices.


There’s never been a better time to give tech promos. There are officially more tech devices than people in the United States: 425 million gadgets in homes, according to the NPD Group. People love their technology, and smart marketers are using it to their benefit. Tech promotional products aren’t just useful gifts—they’re a way to integrate your brand into customers’ lifestyles. Click on our Powering the Curve catalog cover to the left to check out some tech promos that will power up your marketing.

Are you using Promotional Products to reward your company’s employees? You should be! Companies with recognition programs in place have more engaged employees and a voluntary turnover that’s 31% less than companies that don’t say thanks, according to research from Bersin and Associates. Show some love to the people who keep your business churning and your customers happy. And we’re not talking about giving them a prime parking space or a free afternoon off.

Friday, July 5, 2013

NFL, College and NFL Monday Night Football Ad-A-Business Card Schedules are On Sale Now!

With the NFL Training Camps opening this month, I have a full line of Peel and stick full color Professional Football Schedule Magnets ON SALE NOW!
All Professional Teams are Available.

 Here are the Product Highlights:
·       Each Schedule is printed High gloss UV coating on front on a 12pt Bright White Cover Stock.
·       Full year 2013 NFL Teams Schedule printed on front.
·       2013 Monday Night Football schedule printed on back with magnet strip affixed at top.
·       Size: 3-1/2"x8-1/2". - Perfect for mailing to your Sphere Group of Influence in a #10 Size Business Envelope.
·       Adhesive magnet to attach your business card. Stock: 12pt Bright White Cover.
·       I can sell and ship quantities as low as 75 Schedules.

To further illustrate, click here to see a close up view of the 2013 Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Gophers and Monday Night Football Schedule. All of the other Professional Teams are available as well.
For further product information and pricing, click on this link:

Since all of the 2013 Schedules are already printed and all you need to do is add your own business card as you prepare your mailing, I can ship have these schedules in your hands within 5-10 Business Days.

All you pay for are the schedules (based on the quantity you order) and shipping which runs about $8.00 per 100 Schedules in the Continental United States.
For Easy Ordering, just reply to this email with the team you would like to order for and the quantity. I will set up an invoice and send it to you with a form to fill out for a credit card payment or just call me at 888-725-4487. If I can't answer just leave your name, company name and phone number... I'll call you back.

Thanks, in advance, for your business and have a GREAT Summer!

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