Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coming to Las Vegas for an Company Event or Trade Show?

If your company is going to be Exhibiting at a Las Vegas Trade Show, or Expo this year, you should let Kennedy Advertising do the Heavy Lifting when it comes to ordering and delivering your Imprinted Promotional Items to Your Las Vegas Hotel or Venue. 

Our Clients tell us that they save time in airports and have more time to focus on Clients and Prospects. Don't forget! All of your shipping is FREE. So you save $$$$ too!

How can you go Wrong?.... You Can't! Here is how to Order!!!!

Whether you prefer to call, email, we are happy to assist you with ordering your Printing and Imprinted  Promotional Products. Call our Customer Service Line at 888-725-4487 or 702-324-1334. We can give you an idea of the lead-time and costs right on the phone as well as assist you with any art questions. Or you can email us and get a quick reply during weekday business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.


Option 1: (the quickest) Call Us! That’s right! Just call us at 888-725-4487 or 702-324-1334. The vast majority of our promotional products can be customized with your logo and there are typically many ways and locations an item can be decorated. We are proud of our experience, so call us and throw your questions our way. You can also email us with questions to

Option 2: (the quickest online) Just find the Promotional Products you want Additional Information about on our websites and click the "Request More Info" or the “Quick Request" buttons on the product pages. Fill out the simple form with just your email address and quantity needed and press "Send" at the bottom. This is a nice option when you are in a rush, want to provide minimal details, or perhaps just need to see a sample.


Art is emailed to KennedyPromos@gmail.comIf you don't have any art at the time, no problem, still submit your quote request and we can work with you on the artwork later. Unless it is a full color imprint, we typically request an EPS Vector art file. NEED HELP with art or TEXT for your imprint? If you do not have properly created art, Kennedy Advertising provides art recreation services!

To Download a PDF copy of these InstructionsClick Here!


Kennedy Advertising accepts payment through PayPal or we take VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER CARD.


With normal production, a paper proof with confirmation of color, imprint, shipping address is either emailed or faxed for your approval. If your order is a rush production, this paper proof is usually waived due to time constraints. Upon paper proof approval, the order is produced and shipped direct to Las Vegas from our affiliated production facility.


We provide experience and in house customer service that far surpasses our competition. If you have a question during the process, we are happy to work with you to keep your order moving along. Please call us at 888-725-4487 or 702-324-1334 for any additional information.


As we mentioned earlier, all of your shipping to Las Vegas and to your hotel and/or venue is FREE. At the time of the order, we will agree on a place to deliver your Promotional Items and/or Printed Matter for the event you will be exhibiting at. It's just that easy!

Thanks, in advance, for printing out this page. By following these really simple directions, you will be left with more time to focus on what you're at the show for.

To focus on Clients and Potential to Clients! Have a GREAT time in Las Vegas.

John Kennedy
Kennedy Advertising

To Download and Print a PDF Copy of of these Instructions, Click Here! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

A few December Links and Ideas to Share!

Happy December! The Holiday Season continues to be great time to celebrate with friends and family and can also be filling from the standpoint of food and drink consumption. Don't get me wrong! I love as much food and drink as everyone else and like many others during the Holidays, I'm right there with you!

My goal today is to share some Ideas and Links that will help all of us get through December and beyond. I'm going to try a few myself.. Enjoy and "HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!

1. This post is written by Mandi Woodruff, a Reporter for "Your Money", entitled: 15 Tips To Lose Weight Without Blowing Your Budget:

2. Here's another good article written by Mandi Woodruff, a Reporter for "Your Money" entitled 5 Tips To Make It Through The Holidays Credit Debt-Free:

3. My Mary sent this one to me from the Weightwatchers website. Merry and Bright: "Do It Yourself" Decor Ideas made of items that you already have to help you get into the Christmas Spirit:

4. Thinking about going for a new Job after the first of the year? Here is an article that Identifies "6 LinkedIn Groups to Help You Land Your Next Job":

5. I was going to stay away from the techy gadget stuff this month, but I thought that this was an especially good article and video if a Smartphone buy or gift is in your future: Can an iPhone-loving Apple fan-girl (Christina Warren from Mashable) survive using Windows Phone 8 for 10 days? Check it Out:

That's it for this month! If there is anything, last minute, that I can help you with, please contact me through LinkedIn or feel free to access my web-links through my blog at


John Kennedy