Thursday, September 13, 2007

Interactive Trade Show Promotions

I have learned that the best trade show promotions don’t just blanket pre-registered attendees with a postcard sporting the exhibitor’s logo. Instead, they draw the right prospects into a booth and entice them to linger and learn more about a firm’s products/services. That’s what I have in mind for you – an interactive trade show promotion that will keep your audience involved and interested. Here are three ideas:

1. Offer a little good-humor stress relief. Schedule a local comedian to perform at certain times at your booth. Have him/her tie the industry or services being represented into the jokes. Send a pre-show invitation to announce the appearance, inviting attendees to stop by the booth to receive “A few laughs, some cost-saving lessons and a fun imprinted gift.” Or, promise a caricature artist at your booth and provide imprinted frames for those booth-visitors who have their drawings done.

2. Highlight the results you deliver with an “on-target” trade show promo. Pre-mail a set of imprinted magnetic darts, promising the dart board when the recipient stops by your booth. Involve attendees with a dart-throwing contest and prizes for hitting certain targets. The incentives should relate to your business – perhaps a percentage off an order, a complimentary sample kit, free evaluation, etc. – something that will help you highlight the advantages of your company.

3. Provide a meaningful take-home gift. Consider an advance mailing that offers your top clients special recognition. Tell them you’ve planned a surprise gift for a few top-notch client partners. When they arrive, present them with a plaque for valued patronage and have a professional photographer on hand to snap the occasion. Digital images can then be immediately printed and given to your client for his/her office. Make the award all the more meaningful by tying it to a special service or new product exclusive you’ve planned for the “elite few.”

These are just a few ideas. Give me a call at 888-725-4487, locally in Las Vegas at 702-324-1334 or send us an e-mail and we can work with your specific industry and client base as a jumping off point for some fun, interactive ways to create better booth action and results.
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