Monday, September 10, 2007

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My background in the Newspaper, Magazine and Internet Publishing Industry has taught me that it's organizing and sharing credible information that people value is what keeps them coming back to read. Easy access and speed are right up there. This is truly the information age.

My experience started in the newspaper industry in 1973. Newspapers are still a traditional mass marketing tool that served us well in the, 60's, 70's, 80's and into the 90's. But as the Internet came online, you could begin to see a paradigm shift taking place.

Then I moved to another, even bigger mass environment of the newspaper non-reader to learn about FREE Distribution. The world of free newspapers/magazines that are home delivered or available for FREE at retail outlets. What did I learn from those 2 experiences? There was a lot of money being spent on wasted distribution but the cost per 1000 was rather low because they printed high quantities everything.

This pushed me to more of a targeted message concept. Was direct mail the answer? Nope! The cost per piece (including postage) was astronomically high and by the time you pulled them from your mailboxes with 10 to 20 other pieces, I found that was still not the answer.

Then along came the Internet and e-mail! After that, websites and e-mail templates that you could use to build targeted information that people value. You could send e-mails with links to resource web pages where you could share important resource information or even sell a product. But you know, even that gets cumbersome after awhile. (Are we spoiled compared to the past or what?)

During the past month, I spent some time helping my wife, Mary Kennedy build a blog
(Mary Kennedy's Blog) for her RE/MAX Real Estate business here in
Las Vegas on I found this casual environment to be very refreshing. A place where you can organize specific information for targeted groups. (Buyers or Sellers, East Coast, West Cost or even Middle of the Country. Include States, Cities and Communities). You can even write some good things about yourself or thoughts so people get to know you better.

In the Promotional Ideas From Kennedy Advertising blog, my goal is to gather information, based on your feedback, and organize it in such a way that it easy to access right from here. I continue to be excited about the future and your feedback is always encouraged.

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