Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tipping the Trade Show Scales in Your Favor

Three simple steps can set you apart from more than three-quarters of the competition at your next trade show. You see, a significant majority of exhibitors do not plan to engage attendees appropriately or reward their attention. Even more shocking – 80% of leads are never followed up post-show. So what’s an exhibitor to do?

  • Target & Tantalize – Before the show floor ever opens make sure your best prospects and/or clients are engaged. By narrowing your field to the 20% “best bets” among the attendee list, you can offer better bait that will land bigger sales.The most effective pre-show invitations create a two-part dialog. A classic example is a “Main Event” themed promotion that sent key prospects a left-hand boxing glove along with company information and an invitation to visit the exhibitor’s booth. Those who did received the right-hand glove – autographed by Joe Frazier. Sales increased 22% post-show!

  • Relate & Reward – Merely putting out a bowl of candies or passing out thousands of pens isn’t going to create the interest and recognition you need to develop a long-term relationship with prospects. Instead, you should tie the promotional products you use at trade shows to your product, service, or brand image. For example, the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau hands out miniature Louisville Sluggers when it exhibits. The product is easily identifiable with the city and has collectible appeal.

  • Follow-up & Follow-through – Before you ever leave for the trade show, organize follow-up packets that will mail the day you return from the event. Use colorful or dimensional packaging that will stand out in the deluge of mail that awaits attendees post-show.

If you like these ideas, let us help you tailor the concepts to your audience and next trade show. Call me toll free at 888-725-4487, locally in Las Vegas at 702-324-1334 or send us an e-mail for more information or visit us on the Internet at http://www.KennedyAdv.com.

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