Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Make It a Date to Remember

Thousands of organizations and Presidential Proclamations set aside specific days, weeks and months for political, cultural and historical events and causes. Many of these occasions offer you an opportunity to promote your business, organization or product.


The week of April 27th is National Volunteer Week
Thank all of your volunteers with a small memento of their efforts. Hold a thank-you celebration and include table favors that commemorate their contributions. Select a Volunteer of the Year and award them with a larger commemorative gift. And, be sure to get pictures and send to the local papers.

Some other designations for April that you might be interested in are:

* Alcohol Awareness Month
* National Child Abuse Prevention Month
* Holy Week
* National Donate Life Month
* April 1st: April Fools Day
* April 2nd: International Children's Book Day
* April 3rd: Tweed Day
* April 4th: Victims Of Violence day
* April 5th: National Fun At Work Day
* April 6th: Teflon Day
* April 7th: No Housework Day
* April 9th - 15th: Egg Salad Week
* April 10th: National Sibilings Day
* April 11th: Trivia Day
* April 13th: International Plant Appreciation Day
* April 7th - 11th: National Public Health Week
* April 13th - 19th: National Library Week
* April 27th: National Volunteer Week
* April 15th: Income Tax Pay Day
* April 17th: International Ford Mustang Day
* April 19th - 27th: National Wildlife Week
* April 22nd: Earth Day
* April 24th: Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day
* April 27th: Mother, Father Deaf Day
* April 28th: Cubicle Day
* April 29th: National Dance Day
* April 30th: Spank Out Day USA


May 11th is Eat What You Want Day

* Have salespeople deliver snack baskets to their customers when they visit on this day.
* Create a promotion based on the Eat What You Want Day making the connection between feeling like you can't eat what you want and you can't seem to get what you want when it comes to (plug in your product or service category). Tell them that on May 11th they can not only eat what they want, but they can have what they want when it comes to (plug in your product or service) by scheduling an appointment with one of your sales reps. When the rep makes the call on May 11 he or she brings a logoed basket of goodies or cookies.

Some other designations for May that you might be interested in are:

* National Barbecue Month
* National Arthritis Month
* Heal The Children Month
* Motorcycle Safety Month
* May 1st: School Principals Day
* May 2nd: No Pants Day
* May 3rd: Free Comic Book Day
* May 4th: Respect for Chickens Day
* May 5th: Cindo e Mayo
* May 4th - 10th: Be Kind To Animals Week ®
* May 5th - 11th: National Wildflower Week
* May 8th: World Red Cross Day
* May 11th: Mother's Day
* May 11th: Eat What You Want Day
* May 12th: Stamp Out Hunger
* May 11th - 17th: National Police Week
* May 14th: National Receptionists Day
* May 16th: National Pizza Party Day
* May 17th: Armed Forces Day
* May 18th: International Museum Day
* May 19th: Armed Forces Day
* May 18th - 24th: National Dog Bite Prevention Week
* May 20th - 26th: World Trade Week
* May 21st: National Employee Health & Fitness Day
* May 23rd: World Turtle Day
* May 24th: Brother's Day
* May 25th: National Missing Children's Day
* May 26th: International Jazz Day
* May 26th: Memorial Day
* May 30th: Hg Your Cat Day
* May 31st: World No-Tobacco Day


June 14th is World Juggling Day
Everyone is juggling something so recognizing that can be used for a broad spectrum of promotional needs. There are juggling balls, juggle sets and juggle stress relievers.

Some other designations for June that you might be interested in are:

* Adopt - A Shelter-Cat Month
* Children's Awareness Month
* National Candy Month
* National Rose Month
* June 1st: National Leave The Office Earlier Day
* June 1st: National Cancer Survivors Day
* June 1st - 7th: National Business Etiquette Week
* June 7th - 14th: International Clothesline Week
* June 2nd: National Bubba Day
* June 4th: National Tailors Day
* June 5th: Hunger Awareness Day
* June 6th: D-Day Anniversary
* June 8th - 14th: National Flag Week
* June 14th: World Juggling Day
* June 15th: Native American Citizenship Day
* June 15th: Father's Day
* June 16th: Fudge Day
* June 20th: June Solstice
* June 20th: Toad Hollow Day Of Thank You
* June 21st: Baby Boomer's Recognition Day
* June 22nd: Stupid Guy Thing Day
* June 23rd: Let It Go Day
* June 24th: Celebration Of The Senses
* June 26th: Hand Shake Day
* June 27th: National HIV Testing Day
* June 28th: Marble Day
* June 29th: Log Cabin Day
* June 30th: Please Take My Children To Work Day

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