Sunday, March 2, 2008

Promotional Ideas for Your Small Business

Since the marketing budget for a small business is typically limited, you’ll want to have some promotional ideas on hand that are cost-effective. With that in mind, below are some of the many possible promotional ideas that can be easy to execute.

Local Events and Activities: Use anything from setting up a booth at a street fair to sponsoring a little league team to display your product or company name.

Free Samples: Look for key locations where your target group can be found and give out free samples. If possible give free demonstrations of your service or product.

Contests: Find a prize of interest to your target audience and hold a contest.

Speaking Engagements: Contact local schools, speaker groups and associations to inquire about speaking engagements, lectures, seminars or teaching a class.

Fliers: Exchange fliers with other noncompetitive businesses who will display them at their location. Also find locations where you can post a flier or bulletin.

Vehicles: Paint the name of your business on any trucks you use and even put a sign on your car or in the car window.

Press: Develop a list of local editors and producers and send press releases of important upcoming activities. Also look for unique angles about your business that might make for an interesting story.

Newsletters: Email newsletters or print newsletters are an effective, inexpensive means of promoting your business.

Printed Matter: Promote yourself on all of your printed matter.

Imprinted Promotional Items: Keep an inventory of useful imprinted promotional items to hand out as gifts at trade shows, as customer and employee appreciation gifts.

Contacts and Networking: Hand out your business cards to as many people as possible and network regularly to make new contacts.

In Store or Online Values: Offer special discounts for second purchases or free downloads online.

Attend Meetings of Professional Groups: Attend meetings of the Chamber of Commerce and other local groups where you can introduce yourself and your business to others.

Directories: Make sure to list your company in all appropriate free directories.

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