Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Google has Changed our World and Helped Save Lives.

In a crisis such as yesterday’s Boston Marathon terrorist attack, people need information about their loved ones—and they need it fast.

With Google Person Finder, they have access to this important information. Google built the tool after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. People can use it to search for someone or provide information. If no information is available, users can create a new record. They can also subscribe to status updates on a particular person, and if updated, they’ll receive an e-mail with new details.

Currently, Google’s Boston Marathon Person Finder is tracking 5,500 individuals. The tool has been used all over the world to reconnect people in post-disaster situations. What a remarkable advancement over the past 10-12 years. We can’t imagine the horror of being there or desperately seeking the whereabouts of a friend or loved one.

Google! We appreciate your helping people track down their friends and loved ones after such a scary and horrifying event.

To the City of Boston! We are praying for you and with you.
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