Friday, August 16, 2013

High End Gift Programs For Employee Recognition

You want to set up a gift program for your employees, but need some help. No worries, we got you covered. For certain occasions, such as welcoming a new employee, celebrating a birthday, or simply successfully dealing with a rude customer, smaller gifts work just fine.

There are those times, however, when something more high-end is required to show the depths of appreciation and recognize the lengths an employee went to. We have advice on which products work well in such a program.

Unless employees live and work in a nudists’ colony, they need and use apparel. A luxury bathrobe, especially one that is unisex would be appreciated and it relays your warm regards. Higher-end jackets, like those with leather accents, or made from other upscale materials, could also be included. Be sure to have both men’s and women’s versions available.

Just Rewards
It practically goes without saying that more expensive awards should be a staple; think out of the box with artsy decanters and glass sets, but also include awards that signify strength, such as an eagle taking flight. A high-end globe atop a pedestal signifies the employee means the world to the company.

Keeping Time
Watches, too, should be a staple. Make sure they are stylish, yet practical and again, have both men’s and women’s versions in storage.

Sporty Gifts
The golf fanatics would be grateful for a rugged and durable golf bag to carry their clubs and make them feel they are an important part of the company. And what sports enthusiast wouldn’t enjoy a tailgating grill that lets them know they add to the company’s recipe for success? Throw in a ticket to the game and your employees will really score.
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