Monday, May 9, 2011

Food Items are a good value as well as a tasteful gift.

While most gifts offer enjoyment only to an individual, your clients can often please a whole department, office or family with a food gift, getting the most bang for the buck.

When you prorate the cost of a food gift by the number of people who will enjoy it, the savings can be very substantial. Food gifts are especially popular with companies in construction, real estate, trucking and financial industries – but the potential for markets is unlimited. “It’s not like a golf item, where some participate and some don’t,” he says. “It is universally enjoyed. You may have too many calculators or calendars, but food gifts will always be well received. Because food gifts often go to a whole office or department, nobody is forgotten or left out.”

Besides nuts, other products offered include Popcorn, Gourmet Foods, Chocolate and Candy. We can provide clients with fresher or better-quality food gifts than most retailers or mail-order establishments.

Personalizing or branding the container,  which can be reused and serve multiple functions, provides a reminder of the gift to recipients long after the goodies are gone. We offer a variety of packaging options:
  • Designer tins
  • Gourmet boxes
  • Wooden keepsake boxes
  • Collectible wooden trucks
For more information on our great line of Food Gift Items, feel free to contact us at anytime.
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