Thursday, May 5, 2011

Want to promote your Real Estate business in an Eco-friendly way?

Want to promote your Real Estate business in an Eco-friendly way? Depending on the climate you live in you can promote the sustainability of the properties you offer by driving potential clients to your website with an eco-friendly self-promo product.

In addition to using the traditional refrigerator magnets and mouse pads, you can do something that is eco-friendly this time, that could be used in an eco-friendly way.”

To help spread the word about your business, consider ordering  Imprinted Tote Bags made of recycled plastic material. The bags, can feature a your custom logo and message, as well as your contact information and branding for your personal Real Estate Brokerage or Agency.

Your Eco-Friendly bag promotion should have wide appeal to reach across the community and touch a wide range of demographic profiles. – an idea could be “Just about living in (Your City) and having an eco-friendly bag … That way people will want to use them while promoting your brand at the same time..
You can send the totes to neighbors, clients and potential clients. You can also distribute them at Community Events when the opportunity arises. Maybe an Earth Day event or a Church Festival.
Part of message on your tote should be to direct people to your website. On this informational and self-promotional site, you can post information or tips on how to save energy in your community, post PDF's of advice and offers from your local utilities that can be printed and used by readers. You can become the local energy expert when you implement this kind of promotion and stay with it.

One Realtor I know that has done this, gave me this quote. “I’ve had people call me or e-mail me saying, ‘I’m so grateful for this tote. It’s so sweet and is becoming recognized in the community. People stop me on the street to let me know that they have seen them,” she says. “It’s really been very good for me.”
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