Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are you ready to exhibit at your upcoming Las Vegas Convention?

We hope that you have an outstanding time at your upcoming Las Vegas Convention. As I work with my Tradeshow Exhibitors to deliver high impact Printing and Imprinted Promotional Items to their Hotel or Tradeshow Booth, I get a chance to refine my Checklist for Las Vegas Tradeshow Exhibitors. Here is my latest!

1. Establish goals for your Las Vegas Convention at the outset that includes guidelines for measuring your success.

2. Remember sometimes bigger is just bigger. Over spending at Trade Shows can send potential clients the wrong message.

3. To give yourself plenty of time, order your Printing and Imprinted Promotional Items from Kennedy Advertising in Las Vegas, NV.3 to 4 weeks in advance. How to Order From Us!

4. Choose your attending representatives wisely. Make sure that they share the same company vision.

5. Consider your audience when selecting displays, uniforms, give-a-ways, and booth personnel.

6. Promote your booth in the weeks and months leading up the show, using everything at your disposal.
  1. Email Blasts.
  2. Social Networking.
  3. Direct Mail Invitation to visit Your Booth.
  4. Direct phone calls from Sales People to invite attendees to meetings or the trade show booth.
7. Establish booth responsibilities in advance of the show, including schedules and media training.

8. Set up meetings with key clients and prospects, as well as industry media in advance of the show.

9. Once “on the ground, begin “Tweeting, blogging, posting LinkedIn and Facebook updates to keep your customers and prospects who could not attend, up to date on what you’re doing.

10. Obtain a scanner or use your Smartphone to scan the bar codes on the attendees name badges that visit your booth or hospitality suite.

11. Collect business cards of people who visit the booth. Ask permission to email them additional information and/or add them to your email newsletter.

12. Offer product literature in a convenient fashion, like a CD ROM, instead of sending large folders of information with them.

13. Remember – It’s not just “Party Time” – Keep dinners out and entertainment to an appropriate level.

14. Take advantage of every opportunity see clients, prospects and put on a presentation if you’re asked to.

15. Sponsor an event if budget allows. Ask about having your message included in event emails and web pages.

16. Follow up once the show is over. Don’t let those business cards sit in a drawer. Get that contact information into a database and work those leads until you sell them or they turn cold.

Thanks for reviewing my list! Feel free to leave a comment and if you need any help as your event draws closer, feel free to call on us at anytime.

Best Regards,
John Kennedy
Kennedy Advertising
Las Vegas, NV.

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