Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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We were at a RE/MAX Central Real Estate Training Session here in Las Vegas last week listening to a presentation on the potential of becoming an International Real Estate Specialist. At one point in the presentation, the instructor spoke  about the available resources (FREE with your Membership) on the National Association of Realtors web site that are rarely accessed. He thought that to be pretty unusual because most Realtors are members, but they rarely access the resources.

It took a minute and than it dawned on me about what a lame ass I am for not taking advantage of the opportunity to take a closer look. Now let me clarify! If you haven't looked at the site either, I am not calling you a lame ass. Just Me! I tend to be a little harder on myself because I pride myself in organizing information that people value. It just kind of ticks me off that the resource is sitting in front of me and I tend to get wrapped up in so many other tasks and this is something that's a given. It's just so...... LAME! OK enough ranting about it! Time to move on!
So while Mary was out with clients over the weekend, I decided to login for a closer look and share my Top 5 FREE Resources that you can use to market yourself on the National Association of Realtors Web site or most commonly

1. Newsletter content for Home Buyers and Sellers. If you can't spend alot of time writing, or are not very good at it, there is content available for members to use and it's well written.2. NAR Apps and Toolbars The Apps are for your Smartphone and there are Toolbars for Ipad, Windows and Mac based computers. There are also links that will connect you to the NAR pages on the most Social Networks for Real Estate. If you are not linked to them yet. Do it while you visit this page.3. NAR Realtor Benefits This page does have a Marketing component, but you will also see other benefits from FEDEX Discounts to Health or Dental Care. It's a page that is worth a visit if you want to save some money.
4. NAR Web Feeds This pages lists NAR's latest headlines by topic. When you choose to subscribe, the content and resources are delivered directly to your RSS reader. Again, this is good information to share with buyers and sellers. But you have to be a reader. I suggest starting with 1 or 2 feeds. We get enough e-mail!
5. NAR Technology This page brings you up to date on the latest technology available to the Real Estate Industry.

We hope you found this information to be helpful! For more Ideas and Targeted Information, visit the
Kennedy Advertising Blog and if we can help you with any Promotional Ideas, please let us know.

You can also visit
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Have a GREAT July!
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